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Why choose us ?

Jeda Wood Industry Started to have own homepage …
Qingdao Jeda Wood Industry get the certification of CE.

Why choose us ?

1) Quality:

-We are the supplier of some top brands;

-Quality control system and quality strict quality control process:  Material selection to out of box inspection.

-Experience on the Top level experts on flooring industry, can solve the problem and issues during production.

2) Advanced machine:

The Germany Homag machine is the best machine. Only 10% factory owns it, don’t ask why, it is expensive, the devation usually is less than 0.05. It affects the precision of the flooring. Whether the looking of the flooring is even and smooth and the groove between flooring is straight.

The coating looks more even with more stable and high end machines. The Fengchaou painting (coating line), it is a whole production line. It leaves less chance to get the coating get contamined.

3) Competitive price:

– Own factory;

-Higher efficiecny with experienced workers

-Less salary because we are in the north of China;

-Less waste

-Close to Qingdao port

4) Service:

-Be reponsible for all the quality issue

-100% follow the contract;

-Follow the order process. Get confirmation befor mass production.

5) Higher capacity:

We own 8 EMC moisture control Kilns. We can produce 50000 m2 per month. In other wors we can produce 1 container flooring per day.

6) OEM experience to top brands

We can understand quickly of the need of you with the experience to so many top brands. (Skip the name of the brands)

7) Focus on high end product.

Different level of products has different requirement. What we are usally is middle to high end product.