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Knowledge of the flooring

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Knowledge of the flooring

Why most architects and engineers recommend engineered wood flooring? Here are some of the advantages of engineered wood flooring:

1. It looks almost the same effect of the solid wood flooring.

Compared with laminated flooring, it is real wood on the surface, The more importance, the engineered wood flooring is real wood. It use much less glue than laminated flooring. Many individuals choose engineered flooring because it really looks attractive, can not be judged it is solid by appearance.

2. It is more stable than solid wood flooring.

The engineered wood is that it does not expand or contract so much with climate changes. Problems with hardwood floors usually arise when they suddenly expand or contract as years go by. Especially, if you need to have heater underneath, it is more necessarily to choose engineered wood

3.Bigger Size than solid wood.

Due to its construction is more stable, it can be more stable with solid wood. We can produce bigger or longer size flooring with engineered wood flooring construction.

4. It is cost effective

It is much more cheaper than the solid wood flooring, due to its base is with plywood. Engineered flooring is cheaper compared to hardwood flooring. Installation is also a lot easier.

5.It need less maintenance

You also do not need to wax engineered flooring as frequently as that of hardwood. During the production process the surface is treated more than solid wood flooring. However, in order to make it look as good as the first time it was installed, you should apply wax annually..

1.It is not as eco-friendly as wood flooring. Engineered wood is different from the common hard wood since it is made with several layers.The solid wood flooring is a whole piece, there is no glue added during the process;
2.If use solid wood, it will looks more Luxury
3.It is not so hard as the Al2O3 of the Laminated floor.